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Responding to demand for colour matched paints for NZR models, North Yard now have a range of paints for most NZR locos and ongoing development is continuing to add new colours as they become available.

These are lacquer paints and are pre-thinned and ready for spray application only.    Please Note: we are unable to ship these paints overseas.

Colour Scheme Components: Da Red NZRP01
Midland Red - Red 1927 – 1954 NZRP02
Carnation Red - Red 1954 Onwards NZRP03
Fruit Salad Scheme: NZRP05, NZRP06, NZRP07
NZR Blue Scheme: NZRP08, NZRP06, NZRP07
Tranz Rail Blue Scheme: NZRP09, NZRP10, NZRP07
Kiwi Rail Scheme: NZRP05, NZRP11, NZRP07
Dj Class Scheme: NZRP12, NZRP06, NZRP07
Auckland Metro Scheme: NZRP11, NZRP13
Toll Rail Bumble Bee Scheme: NZRP06, NZRP13
Toll Rail Corn Cob Scheme: NZRP14, NZRP15

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