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The NORTH YARD bogie programme aims to produce a range of high quality bogies for NZR rolling stock and locomotives in Sn3½ scale. The bogies feature equalized brass side frames, screwdriver assembly and include all the parts illustrated in the diagram.
 Two bogies are supplied per pack.

A jeweller's saw should be used to cut the side frames from the casting sprue, then clean up with small file.

Assembly is by screwdriver, with all necessary holes being pre-drilled and tapped.

Equalizing: NORTH YARD bogies are designed to equalize about their pivot screws, with a small amount of movement provided between the stretcher ends and the mounting boss on the rear face of the bogie side. File the mounting boss to provide additional clearance if required.

NOTE: Tender bogies are supplied without wheels.  Choose wheels required from listing below.

2162.26 11.2mm 8 spoke 26.0 pinpoint axle, both wheels insulated.

233.26 12.0mm 9 spoke 26.0 pinpoint axle, both wheels insulated.

2718.26 12.0mm 9 spoke 26.0 pinpoint live axle, nickel silver tyres.

See DETAIL PARTS for more bogie castings.  Locomotive, tender and rolling stock bogies, castings only, require more work and extra parts to assemble than the bogie kits listed in this section.

Bogie Table showing current bogies available, see link below:

Click here to see table enlarged.

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